Fear Not Christian T-Shirt


$ 15.00 $ 16.99


We live in a time where the news headlines are filled with stories of war, disease, violence, and visions of hopelessness. We hear more and more of people becoming anxious, afraid, and depressed.

Thankfully we serve a God who holds our destiny firmly in His hands, and because you have surrendered your heart to Him, you can rest in His peace and not be overcome with fear.

The incredible assurance of His protection isn’t supposed to be kept to yourself, it’s meant to be shared. With this Christian shirt, you can give others hope each time you wear it. The truth found in Revelation 5 can lead others to Jesus and into the knowledge that they, like you, don’t need to live in fear.

Become a Christian t-shirt evangelist right now—use this shirt to preach the message of Jesus.

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